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About Us

We are a team of licensed veterinarians who have come together in order to improve service delivery to farmers. One of the major reasons that made us resolve into creating this online platform where farmers can get professional veterinarian services under one umbrella is the growing trend of quacks who masquerade as professional vets. The challenge of misinformation is real in Kenya. In other words, there are so many unqualified individuals especially on social media who are too quick to give advice that might not necessarily be of any assistance to farmers. In most cases such advice ends up making farmers to suffer great losses.

At this website you are guaranteed to get professional veterinarian services from vets who have specialized in different areas of veterinary as a field of study. Specifically, among those experts whose services you can get from this platform are those that have specialized in: animal welfare, dairy and beef production, nutrition, poultry, Theriogenology, canine practice, swine practice, behavior and pharmacology among others. To begin with, animal welfare specialists are concerned with the conditions in which animals save for humans are raised. Such conditions should be not only safe but also “good”.

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Dairy and beef production specialists deal with management of cows while poultry specialists concentrate on birds. Those who have specialized in swine are largely interested in pigs whereas canine specialists deal with dogs. The job of nutrition experts is to make sure that the diet of different animals meets their nutrient needs. Lastly, experts who have specialized in animal reproduction are known as Theriogenology.

As mentioned above, we have pooled our specialties together with the sole aim of ensuring that farmers access quality veterinarian services with ease. In other words, whether you need; your livestock checked for diseases, expert advice on how to feed your animals, guidance on how to formulate feeds or even advice for reproduction we have got you covered. All that that you need to do is to consult our experts using this platform and we shall advise you accordingly on the way forward.

Moreover, as professional veterinarians we are concerned not only about the welfare of the animals but also that of the farmers as well. We perfectly understand that farmers suffer greatly at the hands of brokers or middle men. We are determined to overcome this challenge by directly linking the farmers with the suppliers and vice versa. Owing to the fact that we know what it takes to raise livestock we can accurately calculate the cost of production and as such come up with prices that will assure farmers profit without ripping off the supplier. This implies that there is no way that we will ever allow brokers or middlemen to exploit farmers and vice versa.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider ordering for our services. To begin with, our entire veterinary services are reliable as we are all licensed vets. Secondly, we do not charge an arm and a leg for them. This implies that you can afford them regardless of whether you are a large scale or small scale farmer. Furthermore, we are determined to link up our clients with suppliers of various farm products and by doing so avoid middle men who for far too long have been exploiting farmers. It is then needless to overemphasize the fact that one of the best ways of earning a profit from your agribusiness is becoming one of our clients.