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Sangromix active D


Sangromix active D

When to use Sangromix Active D:

a)      Haemorragic fatty liver syndrome in layers

b)      Cage layer fatigue

c)      Leg paralysis problems

d)     To improve eg production and egg shell strength

e)      Vent prolapse

f)       Cannibalism


a)      Stronger egg shells and less broken eggs

b)      Improved performance

c)      Gives newly hatched chicks the right start, vitality and a health skeleton

d)     Support the parent flocks

e)      Help layers maintain high laying performance and egg stability

f)       Strengthen mobility of broilers for fattening through strong bones and muscles

Dosage: 200-500g Active-D/t feed

            300-500g Active-D/t feed

Product cost is KES2300 per packet

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