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SANGROVIT  Ws: improves appetite, improves feed utilization, amino acids in the body, protects the intestines from bacteria, virus, toxins, protozoa, etc.
SANGROVIT Ws therefore reduces your costs on antibiotics and shortens the weight gain period of broilers = more money in the bank, better returns on investment.
Dosage of SANGROVIT Ws in broilers
1) You can give all life long with a dosage of 1g in 20lts of water.
2) You can administer from day 1 today 10, then resume from day 18 until selling. 1g in 20ltrs of water.
In layers for 10 days monthly
Note: ?a mixture of SANGROVIT lasts for 14 days without getting spoilt.
          ?always withdraw SANGROVIT WS on the day of vaccination.

Product cost is KES1300 per packet

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